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Power DCloud

Deploy all parts of your web3 app

in one decentralized space

of all so-called dApps are decentralized centralized
The crucial problem of Web3
There is no real technological decentralization in the existing web3 world. You can find either centralized parts in almost every decentralized application or it's utilizing centralized services for decentralized stuff
We call such web3 apps Frankensteins, as they assembled from different centralized and decentralized parts, as Victor Frankensteins was assembled from old body parts
The fact is that very few centralized services can shut down practically the entire web3 within an hour. For example, centralized hosting providers AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
Another sad fact is that user accounts are owned by web3 companies not by users or DAO, so it can be controlled and compromised by some very specific people
DeInfra is the ultimate solution
Natural evolution of the web3 world
It's time to take the next step and find a more global approach
TPS, transactions cost, block completion time and other metrics do not matter if you use centralized services to host the front-end, store user data or get access to the blockchain
DeInfra (decentralized infrastructure) enables the deployment of ALL parts of the full-fledged web3 app in a single decentralized space
The Frankenstein problem can and will be successfully solved by developing a new class of web3 infrastructure - DeInfra
DeInfra is designed to build entire web3 world
With full-stack dApps
With ultimate scalability
Without any centralized parts
With stable economics and fixed trx price
With highest level of security
With fully customized chains (DeFi, DAOs, Games and so on)
the Power DCloud
Power DCloud is the world's first DeInfra, which completely beats the problem of inability to build really decentralized dApps without centralized parts or the necessity to use centralized services
Based on blockchain platform DCloud combines a universal set of services: multi virtual machines, decentralized storage, sophisticated tokenomisc, nodes and chains, one-stop entry for developers, users, node providers and projects - Power Hub
DCloud is a unique infrastructure that anyone can access, but no one owns
DCloud services
Focus on important things - design your web3 App and UX, grow your audience and business. Leave the rest to DCloud
You could use more than one virtual machine: Ethereum & WASM in a single protocol
Build full-stack dapps with serverless backend based on smart contracts
Decentralized storage enables storing files with access by http standards so users could reach it via different software like browsers
Store frontend code, NFT data or files in a really decentralized way with no need for Web2 Clouds. Choose how many copies should be created
your users don't need for full-node or third-party services like Infura or Alchemy
you don't need for full-node
Develop dApps without any intermediate services with data auto-validation through Merkle-proof.
Thanks to set of Blockchain API and frontend libraries:
Web3 API
Satellite chain
Private chain
Project chain
Community chain
Choose the type of chain that perfectly fits your project:
Power Chains
Web3 Store
One entry point for developers and users with easy-to-use UX, single system of accounts and standards:
Power Hub
Power OS
Peer-to-peer cross-chain interactions
Multi-layer platform
Resonance BFT consensus
Build web3 apps with highest level of decentralization, security and scalability
Blockchain platform
SK (native network token)
ERC-20 (Ethereum request for comments 20)
SBT (soul blade tokens)
NFT (non-fungible tokens)
Grow sustainable web3 business with different types of tokens:
Storage node
Seed node
Consensus node
Make up your mind how to earn with different types of nodes:
Power Node
DCloud features
Develop your full-stack dApps with no single point of failure with DCloud unic features
Thanks to our protocol even if almost half nodes are crashed or compromised the network will be alive
Node providers are responsible for network maintenance
You don't need DevOps Engineers
to keep the network running when
the load on the network increases
(e.g. the number of users
or the number of transactions)
Deploy your dApp just through web interface or command line
Your users don't even need to download your dApp, it's as simple
as website usage
- additional providers for your frontend storage like decentralized IPFS
or centralized AWS
- to take API provider or own full node thanks to Web3 API service
- to choose a specific VM thanks
to MultiVM
You don't need
Plug-and-Play environment
Your users pay for their transactions,
not you
It's up to you how many copies of the dApp code should be created. It can be increased at any time and this data can always be easily audited
No matter how many users you already have, you don't need to pay
for maintenance
As a dApp owner you pay only for deploying the code and for transactions you need. That's it!
Business-friendly model
- Extensive economics fine tuning
in different chains
- Stable tokenomics thanks to XDR index
Fixed commissions, low-cost transactions and volatility protection via XDR index
- Organic growth of token value due
to its freezing mechanism
Stable tokenomics
So users don't need to make any additional actions, no matter what device they use - desktop or mobile
Thanks to Data Acquisition Library, frontend verifies all data from blockchain at any time
Users have one entry point for all dApps in Power Ecosystem
Best UX for end-users
- Focus on product, not on solving infrastructure problems
- Use the VM you're used to
- Code languages you love, thanks
to powered SDK
In the w3 world very few are thinking about better UX for developers. But it feels wrong. So we've made it a priority for the product team
Best UX for developers
Multi-layer architecture beats the vulnerability of sharding
No matter who stands between blockchain and end-user - 100% of data is completely verified by the users' app
The very first blockchain with the same highest level of network liveness AND security = 50% + 1 node, thanks to uncensored synchronous BFT consensus Resonance (link)
Highest security of your dApp
In DCloud user get access to data in DStorage via in-app library, and doesn't need just to trust data provider or to run a full node as in other web3 apps
2/ user should not receive data from decentralized systems thru centralized services
1/ user app's code should not be stored centrally
DCloud had originally
designed with two key rules in mind:
Total Decentralization
Our sharding is automated: once the chain reaches it's maximum, it splits into 2 new ones or rebuilds by more
productive nodes
The main chain is like bottleneck for scaling as validation of All system transactions takes place on it
Our blockchain is fully sharded, there is no main chain overwise other blockchain with sharding
Unlimited scalability and bandwidth