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Power Node

Essential element of the network

Power Nodes
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Power DCloud Node types
The network consists of nodes of different types and characteristics, divided into chains
First layer
P2P Cross-Chain
Second layer
Uncensored consensus
Third layer
The protocol is rally lightweight and optimized for low-power resources
Energy Efficient and Low Cost
Nodes that perform a network consensus and form a chain (in some documents you may find name 'TP Node', means The Power Node)
Consensus nodes
Nodes that are connected in clusters and provide storage for the data and dApp files
Storage nodes
Nodes that receive a copy of a blockchain from the chain, and provide it to the user software upon request
Seed nodes
Node providers motivation
Power DCloud takes a commission from end-users and developers for different actions and distributes it among the node providers
Power DCloud native tokens
will be released over time as rewards for producing data blocks
by node provides
Want to become an active member in our future mainnet as a node provider?
Take part in our incentive campaigns and earn tokens
To find all actual information please take a look on Community page or our official Telegram chat
For developers and Testnet participants
To run the local node for testing purposes please read our guideline