The world of distributed ledger technology opportunities

4th generation
of DLT platforms
The world's first three-tier distributed ledger with unlimited scalability and no data processing speed loss

Hybrid Network

Public & Private ledger
Immense network bandwidth
100 000+ transactions per second

Unbelievable scalability
Supports up to 30 billion accounts easily

Synchronous consensus
Guaranteed immutability of stored data

Immediate data recording
No need to wait until full execution of each transaction

Revolutionary energy efficiency
10 times less costly to maintain the same efficiency compared to Proof-of-Work blockchains

New standard of security
Corporate information is fully protected via private and dedicated ledgers
Program of
joint pilots
In the frame of Power_hub we launched our pilot program!
All participants are international market players with profound expertise and vision. With several discussion sessions for pilot product definition and launch format, we make something that can be useful for you and for other participants.

We invite for partnership tech and blockchain based projects with an aim to solve the set of problems that blockchain tech is facing nowadays.
Trust Era
Blockchain & DLT
Internet Era
Web & Mobile applications
Digital Era
Mainframes & computers
Analog Era
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Access & collaboration
Access & collaboration
Technology of reliable data records
Each "ID" address in the system can have a set of metadata recorded in Linked Data format, which allows indexing data from blockchain by search engines

Users can independently manage their data, which is guaranteed to be reliable and cannot be falsified, unlike the uncontrolled distribution of information in the global network
Blockchain & DLT
Scopes of use of
the linked data
  • Client, user, and public group profiles

  • Organization Profiles

  • Reputation and scoring systems

  • Certificates and diplomas

  • Contracts between parties

  • Obligations between legal entities or individuals
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