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DeInfra DAO

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Power & incentive
We believe that only the power of community pushes any web3 product forward
We know that in order to realize the ambitious mission we established for our team, we need the power of many talented people
Thus to nurture the community of disrupters we distinguish incentive campaigns as one of the most important parts of our go-to-market strategy
What we build today could change the future of web3 forever
Web3 future
You'll be able to simultaneously create much more advanced dapps that go far beyond simple smart contracts, and still be sure that your dapp doesn't have centralized parts or use centralized services
Just imagine: to create a dapp you will not need to puzzle over which blockchain to choose, where to place the frontend, whether user data will be secure, where to store files, and whether your dapp is truly decentralized
Doesn't a web3 like this deserve to have us all join forces today?
What now takes months of work and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars can be done in a few weeks and a few thousand dollars or even less
Spread of Token
The most simple and at the same time utterly necessary element in our product is the token. One of the challenges our team facing is to spread the token among the largest number of contributors, talents and developers. Thus to nurture the community and to empower the community
Through various number of incentives and grants we are rewarding most active and valuable members of emerging community
Incentives and grants
Here is the completed list of dedicated initiatives