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Power DCloud

Empower your web3 sites and dApps with the full potential of decentralized infrastructure

Power DCloud & DeInfra DAO updates

Experience unprecedented speed, security, and scalability for your dApps and web3 sites with Power DCloud's full-stack decentralized infrastructure.
Build on a Secure, Decentralized Foundation
Power DCloud provides a full-stack decentralized infrastructure for web3 applications, eliminating the need for centralized platforms and service providers.
EVM & Docker Compatibilible
Develop smart contracts with EVM compatibility and run backend or middleware using Docker containers, making the transition to decentralized networks smooth and efficient.
Secure, Reliable, and Inexpensive Decentralized Storage
Power DCloud's decentralized storage solution ensures your data is accessible, distributed across the globe, and resistant to censorship, providing a reliable foundation for your applications.
Scale Your DApps with Confidence
Power DCloud's full-sharding protocol offers unlimited scaling potential with numerous parallel chains, ensuring your applications can grow without limitations.
Ready to Supercharge
Your Web3 Applications?
Join the Power DCloud community today and experience
the benefits of a truly decentralized infrastructure
The problem
The fact is few centralized services can shut down practically the entire web3 within an hour. For example, centralized hosting providers AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
99% of all so-called dApps are not really decentralized You can find either centralized parts in almost every decentralized application or it's utilizing centralized services for decentralized stuff
At the moment there is no infrastructure that enables to deploy ALL parts of dApp in a single decentralized space
As a result, they end up with apps that are expensive to develop, with a lot of problems in terms of high vulnerability, scalability, centralized parts, and unpredictable economics
Right now hundreds of developers are struggling with placing different parts of the dapp in various services, wasting a lot of time and money
Just imagine:
Right now a lot of developers depend on centralized service providers
Is that fair to them or their users?
the Power DCloud
Power DCloud is the world's first DeInfra, which completely beats the problem of inability to build really decentralized dApps without centralized parts or the necessity to use centralized services
Based on the blockchain platform DCloud combines a universal set of services: multi-virtual machines, decentralized storage, sophisticated tokenomics, nodes and chains, one-stop entry for developers, users, node providers and projects - Power Hub
DCloud is a unique infrastructure that anyone can access, but no one owns
DCloud services
Focus on important things - design your web3 App and UX, grow your audience and business. Leave the rest to DCloud
You could use more than one virtual machine: Ethereum & WASM in a single protocol
Build full-stack dapps with serverless backend based on smart contracts
Decentralized storage enables storing files with access by http standards so users could reach it via different software like browsers
Store frontend code, NFT data or files in a really decentralized way with no need for Web2 Clouds. Choose how many copies should be created
your users don't need for full-node or third-party services like Infura or Alchemy
you don't need for full-node
Develop dApps without any intermediate services with data auto-validation through Merkle-proof.
Thanks to set of Blockchain API and frontend libraries:
Web3 API
Satellite chain
Private chain
App chain
Community chain
Choose the type of chain that perfectly fits your project:
Power Chains
Web3 Store
One entry point for developers and users with easy-to-use UX, single system of accounts and standards:
Power Hub
Power OS
Peer-to-peer cross-chain interactions
Multi-layer platform
Resonance BFT consensus
Build web3 apps with highest level of decentralization, security and scalability
Blockchain platform
SK (native network token)
ERC-20 (fungible tokens)
SBT (soul blade tokens)
NFT (non-fungible tokens)
Grow sustainable web3 business with different types of tokens:
Storage node
Seed node
Consensus node
Make up your mind how to earn with different types of nodes:
Power Node
DCloud features
You don't need to manage
web3 infrastructure
Deploy your web3 app in few simple steps
Plug-and-Play environment
Grow sustainable and scalable web3 business
Business-friendly model
Predictable and transparent tokenomics with fixed transaction price
Stable tokenomics
One-stop entry
for all dApps from mobile
and desktop devices
Best UX for end-users
Simple and powerful web3 framework
Best UX for developers
No single point of failure of your full-fledged web3 app
Highest security of your dApp
No centralized part in your full-stack web3 app
Total Decentralization
Build web3 startup regardless
of tech bottlenecks
Unlimited scalability and bandwidth
I'm a Developer
Build & deploy
your full-fledged web3 app in one place
For development
Run the node
and earn tokens
I'm Node provider
For maintain
Build sustainable
and scalable web3 business
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For growth
Unleash your talent, become a valuable contributor
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