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Power Node v.0.14.6 released. New features to enhance the performance and security of your node

We are excited to announce the release of Power Node v.0.14.5 and v.0.14.6, which includes several important improvements and new features to enhance the performance and security of your node.
Power Node v.0.14.5:
  • Fixed beacon issues to determine chain topology: The beacon system is used to discover and confirm connections between all nodes of the chain, which is important for maintaining a healthy and stable topology. In this release, we’ve made changes to improve the accuracy and reliability of the beacon system, although it is not yet fully completed.
  • No longer saving temporary blocks to the database: In some cases, temporary blocks that were not part of the final chain could accidentally be saved to the database, causing it to grow in size and potentially impact performance. This release includes changes to prevent temporary blocks from being saved to the database, which will help to keep the database lean and efficient.
  • Cleanup of the database from accidentally saved temporary blocks: Along with the changes to prevent temporary blocks from being saved to the database, we’ve also added a cleanup process to remove any temporary blocks that may have been accidentally saved in the past. This will help to ensure that the database is as small and efficient as possible.
  • Cross-chain tests: We’ve added new tests to our test suite to ensure that the cross-chain functionality of Power Node is working as expected. This includes testing the ability to call and interact with smart contracts on other chains and the return of unused gas.
Power Node v.0.14.6:
  • Constructor parameters in a transaction: The ability to specify constructor parameters directly in the transaction when deploying a contract. It is now possible to specify the “ABI” function and arguments for the contract constructor directly in the CALL field of the transaction. This allows for more flexibility and convenience when deploying contracts.
  • Improved consensus for bad network connection: We’ve changed how nodes communicate with each other to improve consensus when network connections are poor. The node will now broadcast signatures of an accepted block to all neighbors. If enough signatures do not reach some nodes directly, they will reach them at this moment. This significantly reduces the likelihood of forks.
  • Improved build scripts: We’ve changed our build scripts to make them more efficient and convenient to use. The version is now automatically taken from the git tag, eliminating the need to manually edit the rebar.config each
Please update your node to the latest version of Power Node as soon as possible to take advantage of these improvements and ensure that your node is running at optimal performance and security. 
To update your node to the latest version, please refer to the manual at the following link:
As always, if you have any questions or need assistance with the update, please reach out to our support team for help. We’re committed to providing the best possible experience for our users and appreciate your continued support for Power Node.