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Power Node 0.80: Game-Changing EVM Features and preparing for Node Rewards!

Power Node 0.80: Game-Changing EVM Features and preparing for Node Rewards!


Power DCloud is excited to announce the release of Power Node 0.80, a critical update packed with essential features tailored for Web3 developers. Deployed on the DeInfra Devnet, this version introduces new functionalities, enhanced performance, and sets the stage for smart contract integration. As we proceed with testing for the imminent release on the DeInfra Testnet, which is expected to take a couple of weeks, Power Node advances towards DeInfra Mainnet readiness, promising robust capabilities for our growing community of developers and node operators.

Node Configuration and Reporting:

Power Node 0.80 now includes a new configuration field that allows node owners to specify their preferred address for receiving rewards. This functionality streamlines the process, making it easier for developers and node operators to collect rewards efficiently.
Upon initialization, Power Node 0.80 will report two key attributes:
- node_version: The current version of the node.
- mine_to: The designated address for reward collection.
Node owners will need to add the following line to their node configuration to enable the reporting of attributes essential for integration and rewards:
 #{ mine_to => "AA100001231231231234" }
Additional attributes will be integrated in the upcoming version with smart contract capabilities, marking another step towards complete decentralization.

Smart Contract Features:

This update focuses on foundational enhancements necessary for Power Node’s smart contract integration, including:
- TPNode Reporter: A new interface for managing chain smart contracts.
- Account Key Changes: Facilitates modifications via smart contracts, enabling secure locking mechanisms.
- ABI Codec Compatibility: Now fully compatible with EVM Shanghai, ensuring seamless integration with Ethereum projects. Additionally, new opcodes for Cancun are available, though the interpreter is still being refined to support Cancun fully.
- Performance Improvements: Enhanced execution/call speeds and optimized transaction processing for accounts with substantial storage.
- Transaction Reporting: More detailed reporting of reverted transactions, providing clearer insights into chain operations.
- Storage Fix: Addresses issues with smart contract storage during nested calls.

Data Storage and API Updates:

Power Node 0.80 introduces a local storage mechanism for signature data, including the time signatures are received. This feature is supported by an enhanced HTTP API, allowing users to fetch specific blocks by number using:
- JSON: /api/blockn/123
- MsgPack: /api/binblockn/123

Mainnet Roadmap:

Following this release, Power Node will undergo a testing phase for smart contract-based rewards to ensure the system’s stability and effectiveness. Once validated, these features will be rolled out in the DeInfra Mainnet release, bringing Power Node to full operational status.


Power Node 0.80 represents a significant advance in Power DCloud’s journey, equipping Web3 developers with powerful tools, streamlined operations, and enhanced compatibility features.
As the platform progresses towards the DeInfra Mainnet, these updates herald a promising future for Power DCloud and its burgeoning community of developers and node operators. Stay tuned for further developments as we continue to build a decentralized future together.

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