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Deinfra Testnet: verification and test assignment in the Community bot are launched today!


Today is an important day for us, and for you. Today we’re launching our Community bot who called itself Power Rover and putting you in its hands.

Initially, we planned to do a pre-selection. That's why we made a Google form and asked you to fill it out.
But we got so many applications that it turned out that in the Phase I at the moment for each node more than 20 people have applied (!!)
And besides, we did not expect that so many really experienced testneters would come to us. We read the applications you filled out, and we admire them, we really do!

We realized for ourselves that we can't take responsibility and decide who will pass and who won't. So we decided to make it this way: all applicants will have an equal opportunity. 
Each of you will have the opportunity to pass the verification via Rover and then challenge yourself in the test assignment.

So, step by step, what will happen next:

1. Verification through Power Rover.
2. Test assignment through Power Rover.
As soon as you pass the test assignment, you automatically get on the Waiting List, and we will record your public IP.  We will give enough time for all participants to try their abilities.
Note: this public IP address shouldn't be changed, if you change it you will lose your chance to launch the node within the Chain.
3. Rover has a randomizer script and will take the applicants from the Waiting List and select the candidates in the first Chain. Then - to the second one, and so on - up to the 8th Chain.
If you’re curious what these chains stand for and why the candidates are allocated among them, please look through this article.
Our team will not influence the results of the selection in any way, we believe that this approach will be correct and transparent for the web3 community. Not people should decide, but algorithms!
4. Next, the selected participants will have to collectively launch their chain (with our support, of course).

The most important thing. This is Rover’s home address: 

If you do not pass the test assignment (which is not a simple one, frankly), don’t worry, DeInfra Testnet consists of several phases, so you will still have a chance and more than one.

We wish each of you good luck, people.
And of course our team is here for you, we are always ready to answer all your questions in our official Telegram chat: https://t.me/thepower_chat.

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