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Join the Revolutionary DeInfra DAO Membership Program and Earn with Power DCloud!

Join the Revolutionary DeInfra DAO Membership Program and Earn with Power DCloud!

A New Era of Community Participation and Earning Potential

Exciting News for the Community! - The Power Team is thrilled to announce the launch of the DeInfra DAO membership program, a unique opportunity for every active participant to become an integral part of our growing community while earning impressive income from Power DCloud.

Earn More as You Grow - Up to 10% Commission!

10 Levels of Membership, 10 Levels of Earnings! - Starting at level one, members will enjoy a 1% commission, increasing by 1% with each subsequent level. That’s right, the potential to earn up to a 10% commission is now within your grasp!

Valuable NFTs – Your Key to Steady Income

NFTs That Work For You! - Each membership level comes with an exclusive NFT, stored safely in your account, and ready to generate steady income. These NFTs are more than just digital assets; they are your gateway to stable earnings. Sell, gift, or hold – the choice is yours!

How to Join? It’s Simple!

Embark on Your Journey at Level One - To become a level one community member, complete tasks in our testnet campaigns located on various platforms. The rewards are worth the effort!

Special Event for the Most Active Members

30,000 Followers Milestone – A Celebration with NFTs! - Upon reaching 30,000 followers on our Twitter account, we will reward our most active members with valuable NFTs. Your engagement across chats, Twitter, Discord, and other channels counts. Show your activity, and let us reward you!

We Value Your Participation

Share Your Activity, Reap the Rewards - To confirm your involvement, simply provide evidence of your activity in our general chat. Your contribution is valuable to us, and we want you to feel appreciated and special in our community.

More Than Earnings – A Community of Growth and Sharing

Join a Community of Learners and Innovators - The DeInfra DAO is not just about earning; it's about belonging to a community that offers unique learning and development opportunities. Engage, communicate, and share experiences with fellow members.

Your Journey Toward Independence and Success Begins Here

Be Part of Our Thriving DAO - We invite all active participants to join this exciting program. Together, we will build a strong, supportive, and inspirational community.
Join the DeInfra DAO Today! - Embrace financial independence and success. We eagerly await your participation in our Decentralized Autonomous Organization.
The Power Team is excited to welcome you to this journey of growth and prosperity. Let’s build a strong future together!