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DeInfra Testnet  -  purpose, phases, participant requirements

Today we are happy to share with you a brief information on our Testnet Campaign as a crucial part of our incentive campaigns series

Brief info

  • Name: DeInfra Testnet
  • Incentivized: Yes
  • Timeline: Multiple phases with a different timing
  • Number of participants: Limited
  • Application process: Yes
  • Tech expertise level: Depending on specific Phase
  • Primary communication channel: Official Telegram chat

A justification for the name

Here is an article with a detailed description about the DeInfra.
DeInfra stands for “decentralized infrastructure” and defines as:
  1. The infrastructure which enables the deployment of ALL parts of the full-fledged web3 app in a single decentralized space;
  2. Sophisticated infrastructure that enables to build and deploy full-fledged web3 apps with functionality that goes far beyond the capabilities of smart contracts.
This is a completely different level of decentralization, security and scalability in comparison to L1 blockchains, as you still need somewhere to store data, front-end, etc to develop full-fledged dApps.

The main purpose of our team is to build Power DCloud as the world’s first DeInfra. And that’s not possible without a strong tech community and the Testnet campaign is a first big step to build it. We’re looking to bring strong and technically savvy pros into our community as crucial contributors and future builders of DeInfra.
So we called it DeInfra Testnet, as it perfectly reflects our vision and a testnet purpose.

Active members incentivizing

This is incentivized testnet meaning active participants will be awarded by project tokens at the end of testnet campaign and mainnet launch. The most active and valuable participants could become Network Maintainers within Mainnet and members of Power DAO. Node providers, developers, QA testers are all invited to participate and will be rewarded for their contributions toward our goal.


The Smart Key (SK) token is the core native gas-like token of Power DCloud. This is utility token, the driving element which is needed to perform network operations:
  • Transactions processing
  • Computing (Smart contracts and decentralized backend executing)
  • Files storing (Front-end code, NFT files, and so on)
  • Node provider NFT
  • Storage provider NFT
  • Chain NFT
Find more about SK token at our website.

Phases, members, challenges

DeInfra Testnet will have several phases, at the moment we will disclose the first 3 of them.
Phase I
  • Name: DeInfra Basis
  • Members: DeInfra Builders
  • Level of requirements: Middle
  • Challenges: to launch different types of chains with different tech requirements to nodes and different block finalization time
  • Number of chains: 8
  • Number of members: 100

Phase II
  • Name: DeInfra Seed
  • Members: DeInfra Seeders
  • Level of requirements: Low
  • Challenges: to launch seeds (read-only) nodes
  • Number of chains: 3
  • Number of members: 300

Phase III
  • Name: DeInfra Experimentum
  • Members: DeInfra Disrupters
  • Level of requirements: Terribly High
  • Challenges: challenges for the most experienced and battle-hardened web3 fighters! Most of the stuff they’ll experience will be the world’s first stuff
  • Number of chains: 3
  • Number of members: 120

Why do we recommend you to definitely keep an eye on our testnet: we are going to test not only our network and our products. Already now several projects have expressed a desire to build their products in our infrastructure, and test them within the DeInfra Testnet at later stages. And this is great news for you: you will be able to earn not only our tokens.

The purpose of DeInfra Testnet

  • Test the network and collect UX/UI feedback
  • Test the stability of nodes with different technical configurations
  • Test the stability of chains (shards) with different settings
  • Test interactions between chains
  • Test experimental features
  • Build a community of involved tech-savvy users

Max M., CEO of Power Ecosystem:
“The main purpose is to challenge ourselves and our brainchild, to force battle-testing of testing network to make mainnet strong. We don’t overestimate ourselves and are well aware of the possibility of bugs and glitches in the testing network. That’s why we are going to launch a bug bounty program to incentivize the community to help us to find gaps in code.”


We’re looking for testneters with varying levels of knowledge from beginners to battle-hardened tech guys.
Most participants do not need to be an expert in running high performance nodes. One of our fundamental principles is low entry for community members. So this is an awesome opportunity for those of you who are just taking your first steps in web3 tech stuff to dive deeper in it.
Wanna try your skills and join the participants of our testnet? Stand by for the next article with more details and link to a form to fill out.
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