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Strategic partnership of EYWA & Power DCloud

We are happy to announce a strategic partnership with one of the web3 leading cross-chain data and liquidity protocols: EYWA!
EYWA is a middle layer for all blockchains, that solves interoperability issue and opens limitless opportunities for operations between different chains. EYWA’s fully decentralized cross-chain data bridges enable the creation of smart contracts management system in different chains.
The strategic partnership includes cross-marketing, such as the establishment of mutual activities for their communities. E.g. this month the Power DCloud launches a Testnet Campaign, which will be a fascinating activity for EYWA's strong community of testneters. 

Moreover, the companies plan to develop a joint disrupting product for the Web3 market by the end of the year:
An out-of-the-box AppChain with liquidity protocol and pool. AppChain is a tailored [block]chain for web3 projects to build and deploy dApp in a minute. AppChain would make it possible for web3 projects to focus on their product rather than the boring stuff of web3 technology. AppChain will allow customization of features such as number and performance of nodes, transaction cost, block finalization time, creating its own unique tokenomics, and more. 

We believe this partnership will strengthen both companies and speed up their progress.