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Launching the DeInfra Long-Lived Testnet

The Next Big Leap: DeInfra Long-Lived Testnet 🚀

Greetings, Powerians! 👋
Our Power DCloud project team extends our sincere gratitude to our vibrant community of Powerians. Your unwavering support and active participation 🏃‍♂️ have proven invaluable during the first two testnet phases. Your insights, bug reports, and constructive critiques have helped us refine our network and bolster the core functionalities of the Power Node.
With the DeInfra community successfully passing through two rigorous testnet phases with blockchain nodes, we’ve established a robust foundation for our ecosystem. This accomplishment has set the stage for the next significant step in our roadmap.

The Next Phase: DeInfra Long-Lived Testnet 🎯

In our most recent Power Node release, we announced our plan to unveil the much-anticipated management layer. This key development will unfold in multiple phases, the first of which aligns with the introduction of the DeInfra long-lived testnet.
Earlier phases were aimed at fostering a strong community of node owners and refining the platform’s core elements, including the essential cross-chain protocol. With the introduction of the DeInfra long-lived testnet, we are pivoting towards simulating real-world user interactions and enhancing the network’s robustness and stability.
To keep our focus sharp and manage complexity, we have decided to limit the DeInfra long-lived testnet to just five chains 🔗. This decision will help us maintain a high level of quality and stability.

What’s Next: The New Chains 🎉

With great excitement, we announce the selection of the following chains for the next phase:
1025, 1026, 1027, 1037, 1038
These chains have been chosen through a meticulous evaluation process, reflecting their exceptional performance, robust architecture, and the valuable contributions of their node owners to our community.

Impact on Phase 1 and Phase 2 Nodes 🔄

The transition to the long-lived phase will bring some changes:
  • The long-lived testnet will replace the previous ones as the default Power DCloud testnet, which means all API calls should now be directed towards the nodes of the new chains.
  • API calls to deprecated chains will no longer be operational, resulting in an error: no endpoint found .
  • All data and wallets associated with deprecated chains will become inaccessible, emphasizing the importance of data migration.
  • A wallet in the DeInfra long-lived testnet is required for participation. Those with wallets on deprecated chains are required to resubmit them to the Rover bot or Zeally quest.

Deprecated Chains ❌

All chains not selected for the upcoming phase will be deprecated and removed from the cross-chain peers. Patches will be applied to remove any lingering information about these deprecated chains from the crosschain.

Rewards 🎁

The node owners will start receiving rewards in their wallets. All online nodes as of July 21 will receive an additional reward for their uptime and their selection for participation in the next phase.
Rewards from phases 1 and 2 will be distributed as a test airdrop. Following this, rewards will be computed automatically, with points accruing in the Rover Bot, and rewards credited directly to wallets based on their existing balances. Furthermore, we are introducing OATs (on-chain achievement tokens), available exclusively to participants from past testnet phases.
After the successful migration of nodes to the new chains, we will publish a detailed post about rewards, including specifics about distribution and calculation.

Status of Your Node 🔎

If your node is part of a selected chain, it will continue to operate and earn regular payouts for supporting the test network.
However, nodes that were part of a deprecated chain need to be reconfigured to connect to the new testnet chain.

Setting Up Power Node for Long-Lived Testnet 🔧

To transition your node to the new testnet, you’ll need to update its configuration. We recommend setting up your node in seed mode on the new testnet chains. Detailed instructions will be provided by our team.

Join our Waitlist 📝

We invite you to apply for a node in the mainnet or app chains of our projects. This opportunity allows you to play an active role in the operation of the mainnet and be at the forefront of our project’s application development.

Fill the form: https://forms.gle/F7nxyWBMptJFLbu9A
In conclusion, we are excited to continue this journey with you. As we embark on this new phase, we are laying the foundation for a decentralized future, powered by our community. Together, we’re not just building a product; we are creating a paradigm shift in how power is distributed. 🚀

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