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Power Node v.0.14.2 released. Security and performance update

We are pleased to announce the release of Power Node v.0.14.2! 

This update includes several important improvements and new features to enhance the performance and security of your node.
  1. Improved synchronization of nodes: Changes have been made to the way nodes sync with each other, ensuring that lagging nodes can still connect and stay up-to-date even when other nodes are slow to respond.
  2. Additional TPIC authentication: An extra layer of authentication has been added for TPIC connections to improve security. This means that nodes on other chains will no longer be able to connect to your node via TPIC, and your node will not be able to connect to nodes on other chains via TPIC.
  3. Gas return mechanism: A mechanism has been added for returning unused gas when calling a remote smart contract through cross-chain functionality. This ensures that any excess gas is returned to the sender rather than being stuck in the target chain’s smart contract.
  4. Improved state handling for smart contracts: Improvements have been made to the way the node handles requests to smart contract state keys, making them faster and more efficient.
  5. Code cleanup: Some refactoring has been performed to remove outdated code and streamline the overall performance of the node.
To update your node to the latest version, please refer to the manual at the following link:

We recommend updating as soon as possible to take advantage of these improvements and ensure that your node is running smoothly.