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DeInfra Creative: contribute and become a worthy part of our community

Just recently, as part of our Dedicated Incentives for community and ecosystem growth, we launched our first initiative, DeInfra Testnet. The response of the web3 community exceeded our expectations.

The first phase of the testnet campaign is now underway (here is the link if you wanna take part). Literally, in the first few days, the number of people who want to participate exceeded the number of places (here, you can read about the important update on the number of nodes). More than 3,000 participants passed the verification process and tried the test challenge, approx. 700+ members succeeded in passing it and were whitelisted.

We have also been amazed by the level of technical proficiency and involvement of testnet participants, given that the mission was not easy — first to launch the node and then to participate in the so-called Tea Ceremony for launching the Chain.

And, of course, we have not forgotten about the creative folks in our community.
Today we are excited to announce our incentivized campaign for creative people and influencers. We called it DeInfra Creative in analogy with the Testnet campaign. This is part of our Dedicated Incentives Fund, aimed at community and ecosystem growth.

DeInfra Creative will consist of several stages. During the stages, we will go with you from simple tasks to more complex ones to gradually immerse you in our product and philosophy.
That means you could earn more and more of our tokens, get Discord roles, etc, so please stay tuned and check our Telegram chat to be aware of updates. We’ll reveal details regarding the rewarding model in future releases.

  • Stage I. DeInfra Onboarding: lovely simple quests. Minimal time wasting, maximum fun.
  • Stage II. DeInfra Dive. Diving a little deeper into the product.
  • Stage III. DeInfra Growth. Let’s focus on web3 projects ecosystem growth
  • Stage IV. TBC
  • Stage V. TBC
The community advised us to use the crew3.xyz platform, we tried it out, and we liked it.
So you can find our page with dozens of quests on Crew3 now!

What next?
In the upcoming days, we’ll announce the start of the campaign with details in our official Telegram chat.

Have a question?
Don’t hesitate to chat with us on Discord or Telegram.

Stay tuned!