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Launch of the new Twitter account and Discord Server

We write a lot about censorship and seem to have run into it ourselves. Twitter blocked our main mouthpiece for news — our official Twitter account😠. For a month, we have been trying to get through to their support team and get feedback on what grounds they blocked our account, but unfortunately, we haven’t received any response.
So we decided to create a new account:  DeInfra DAO. We will be glad if you subscribe to it!
This account will be covering not only the product, Power DCloud, but also the DAO we are starting to build around it and  DeInfra, our concept of a fully decentralized infrastructure.
Right now, the main work on the DAO shaping is internal, but the first steps are also being made in the information space. One of the first significant steps is the launch of the Discord Server:  Power DCloud.
In fact, Discord is somewhat of a prototype of our future DAO architecture. You can now join different guilds and be an early participant, shaping the future DAO. Our DAO, in some ways, replicates the concept of our decentralized web3 platform. Just as it is made up of many chains, the DAO is made up of many DAOs (guilds). We believe that this approach will form a fully viable organic developing ecosystem.
The peculiarity of the architecture of our Chains allows for the development of a full-fledged DAO based on each Chain/DApp. The more competitive DAOs will attract a larger community and token pool, crowding out the less competitive ones.
Our mission is to make web3 completely decentralized and community-driven. To do this, we aim to develop decentralized infrastructure so web3 developers would build full-stack real web3 apps (with no centralized parts ever).
Our goal up front is to build a community that can make a genuinely decentralized web3 platform and ecosystem around it.
Add to our  Discord, join guilds, be early adopters of Power DCloud, get involved in ecosystem development, set directions that will become future web3 trends.

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