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Introducing Power Node v0.15.1: Improved Performance and New Features

Introducing Power Node v0.15.1: Improved Performance and New Features

We are pleased to announce the release of Power Node v.0.15.1.
This latest version includes a number of important improvements and bug fixes, including:

1. Network management layer basic implementation (work in progress):

In this release, we have made a basic implementation of the network management layer, which is still a work in progress. This will help to improve the stability and performance of the network, and we will continue to work on this feature in future releases.

2. Fixes for EVM, improved EVM interfaces

We have made a number of fixes and improvements to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), including improvements to the interfaces for accessing TPNode’s functions and data. These changes will help to ensure that the EVM runs more smoothly and efficiently.

3. Ledger: Fixed deleting data from smart contract’s storage

We have fixed an issue with deleting data from smart contract storage, which will help to improve the overall reliability and security of the ledger.

4. Fixes for seed node synchronization

We have addressed several issues related to seed node synchronization. Specifically, we have fixed a problem that occurred when the seed node was more than one block behind the chain, and when the synchronization workers failed after multiple attempts.

5. Simplification of TPIC protocol

We have begun work on simplifying the Power’s Interconnect (TPIC) protocol, which will help to reduce differences between seed and consensus nodes in terms of network interaction. This will make it easier to promote seed nodes to consensus and demote consensus nodes to seed in case of frequent node failures.

6. Fixed some bugs with chain’s settings manipulation

We have addressed several bugs related to chain’s settings manipulation, which may have caused loss of consensus.
We encourage all Power Node users to update their nodes to the latest version to take advantage of these important improvements and bug fixes.

Let’s continue building DeInfra together!

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