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Unlock the Web3 Future: DeInfra Network Roadmap & Token Rewards Awaits You!

Hey Powerians,
First off, a massive thank you for being part of this journey with us. In this article, we’re thrilled to share our upcoming plans, teeming with opportunities and innovations. Stay tuned as we dive deep into the details you’ve been eagerly awaiting.
Power DCloud’s Evolution: At the vanguard of the Web3 revolution, our DePIN solution is unlocking unparalleled advantages for developers. With innovations like our QuickDapp framework and customizable AppChains, we’re setting new benchmarks for dApp development speeds and smoothness. Power DCloud is on a mission to smash scalability barriers, bolster security, and ensure seamless integration across blockchain projects. Whether you’re pioneering in DeFi, DePIN, gaming, or NFTs, Power DCloud stands as your go-to decentralized infrastructure, primed for the future of decentralization. For the blockchain enthusiasts pushing boundaries, Power DCloud is your arena. Together, let’s build the decentralized reality of our dreams.
Focusing on Decentralized Cloud at the L3 Application Layer for Web3 Apps: Our blueprint involves hosting dApps that not only perform specialized functions but also bridge the gap with Layer 1 and 2 solutions, from DeFi apps to gaming. Our core aim is to provide a conducive environment for applications and specialized functions, fostering meaningful cross-blockchain interactions.

Community Roadmap: Navigating Our Shared Future

Embracing Web3’s foundational principles, we’re transitioning toward creating the DeInfra DAO, alongside launching the DeInfra Net.
DeInfra DAO will steer the Testnet and Mainnet networks through community-led voting. Participation in voting requires achieving certain DAO levels, influencing voting power. Here’s a sneak peek at our roadmap:

DeInfra Network Roadmap

Our network’s journey is two-fold: constructing the network and establishing the DAO. From Testnet phases to the Mainnet, we’re laying out a clear path forward.

Current Phase Q2 2024: DeInfra Long-lived Testnet

  • This phase introduces a new Power Node version for the Testnet, transitioning from seed to consensus nodes.
  • We launch in Q2 a smart contract for node commission distribution and network monetization, rewarding contributions with $SK tokens.
  • Fine-tuning this mechanism is our priority as we prepare for the Mainnet.
  • Streamlining AppChain deployment for the frontend framework is also on our agenda.

Upcoming Phase Q2-Q3 2024: DeInfra Mainnet Pre-launch

  • Post smart contract deployment and rigorous testing, we’ll transition to Mainnet.
  • Our network’s evolution will continue seamlessly from the long-lived testnet to Mainnet.

DeInfra DAO Roadmap

DAO Phases: Our aim is to foster community engagement through innovative campaigns, establishing DAO ranks, guilds with OATs, and enhancing DAO proposals and voting mechanisms.

DeInfra DAO Community Campaigns

Forming DeInfra DAO through token distribution and active participation in the Power DCloud platform is essential for launching DeInfra Network.

Upcoming Community Rewards

Before we launch new campaigns, we’re committed to distributing rewards for previous phases from the Web3 Ecosystem Fund. Detailed distribution plans will be shared in a forthcoming article, with rewards being airdropped to Testnet campaign participants.

DeInfra Testnet Rewards

Rewards will be airdropped to eligible testnet campaign participants.
A testnet airdrop criteria include:
- Node linkage to the Rover bot.
- Active node operators receive a 2x multiplier in distribution.
- Wallet linkage to the Rover bot.
Bonus airdrop rewards:
- For Rover bot participants with correct addresses.
- For those completing test tasks but missing the first phase.
- Community activity level will also be considered.
DeInfra Creative Rewards
Transitioning to the next phase, we’ll conclude our Zealy phase, where thousands of tasks were completed. Distribution details will precede the airdrop.

New DeInfra Campaigns

DeInfra Dapp Framework: Launching a developer-centric campaign, including a DePIN hackathon for dApp deployment on our framework. Details will follow in a dedicated article.
DeInfra Punks: Dive into a decentralized community play using $SK tokens in DeInfra Punks game, challenging corporate tyranny with Web3 earning opportunities through NFT evolution.
Power Rover Bot: An airdrop for Rover bot users will reward community involvement and network participation.


It’s time to rejuvenate your activities, nodes, wallets, and engage in preparatory actions. Join our community, contribute actively, and immerse yourself in DeInfra DAO’s journey. Await further details as promised, and let’s #embark on this thrilling phase in the Power DCloud and DeInfra DAO ecosystem. Your enthusiasm and participation will sculpt the future of decentralized applications and governance.

Powerians, together, with $SK tokens at our side, we’re poised to make history.

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