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DeInfra Testnet: distribution of personal tea tokens

Powerians, we have passed the first stage of Phase 1 of the testnet campaign.

At the moment, 469 participants have entered the whitelist. But only 100 nodes for Phase 1 were planned. Inspired by the level and activity of the testnet participants, we have decided to remove the limit on the number of new chains in Phase 1.

Tomorrow the Rover bot will start the second stage of Phase 1:
  • All whitelisted members will receive personal tea tokens (the token is unique, please be careful and don’t share it with anyone). Please check your Rover bot tomorrow: https://t.me/thepowerio_bot
  • The personal tea tokens are one-time but valid for all future ceremonies.
  • The chain’s part of the tea ceremony will be published on the project channels at the announcement time.

Token format: aaaa.bbbbb
  • aaaaa — Chain Tea Ceremony Token, you’ve got from announce of the chain.
  • bbbb — Personal Tea Ceremony Token you’ve got from the Tea Ceremony bot.

The time of launching the tea ceremony will be announced on the previous day of the start. The number of nodes of each chain is limited and will be announced for each chain.

Recommendations to whitelisted members:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thepowerio 
Telegram: https://t.me/thepower_chat