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Power DCloud: Cross-chain launching and the next tea ceremonies

👋 Hey, Powerians!

🔔 We have several great updates for you

🙏 First of all, we want to say thanks to all members who join us. 

We see a huge interest in participating in the testnet campaign. 
- The Rover bot got more than 3.7k applications;
- Docker image has more than 2.1k downloads;
- Since last week, more than 100 new members have already passed to the whitelist.

🚀 Testnet in numbers: 
- 158 node keys were distributed
- 153 nodes online
- 118 nodes completed the setup
- 40 nodes need to complete setup of the nodes (mostly closed ports or need to install SSL)

Therefore, you need to complete setup of the nodes:
1. Please finalize the setup of your nodes and install SSL certificates. 
2. Please check that ports are open 1443, 1080, and especially 1800 that are used for TPIC protocol interaction node to each other! If this port will be closed, your node will not participate in consensus. 
3. Don't forget to send the link to your node to the Rover bot

Testnet plans for this week:

1. 🌐 Automation of DNS management and node monitoring 
Just now, we made a new stage of automation of the process to launch new nodes for making DNS records and connect the testnet monitoring dashboard to each node.
We added different types of error notifications. Please check your nodes on the testnet map. If you need assistance with solving these problems, please ask us and other tesnterers.   
Monitoring is available here: https://zabbix.thepower.io/zabbix.php?action=dashboard.view

2. 🕸 Launching cross-chain protocol.
Power DCloud platform has horizontal scaling because we are launching a lot of chains. 
This week will be a major update of the Power Node and connect all chains to a single network.
We automate the process to launch cross-chain protocol. The previous version took a manual configuration. As you know, we planned a not-so-big testnet campaign before the start and planned to configure it manually. But we see that many members have different problems with the node configuration because we decided to update the node's core and make this process automated. 
We will publish a special post for this case. All noders should update the nodes. 

3. 🚀 The next Tea Ceremonies: will be started
- 1 pm GMT December 6
- 1 pm GMT December 7
- 1 pm GMT December 8
- 1 pm GMT December 9 
- 1 pm GMT December 10

💎 The chain Tea Ceremony tokens will be published on our News channel: @thepowerio

🧐 Please open these 3 ports for the tea ceremony:

80 for getting SSL certificate
1080 for HTTP
1443 for HTTPS
1800 for TPIC protocol between nodes

❗️ For new noders we recommend don't change the path to the files if you are not sure about it.