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Power Node v0.15.3 Release: EVM Enhancements and More for DeInfra Testnet

We are thrilled to announce the release of Power Node v0.15.3, now available for DeInfra Testnet! This update is particularly significant due to the substantial enhancements made to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and several other exciting improvements.

We’re pleased to announce that the Docker image is now available for two architectures, linux/amd64 and linux/arm64/v8, making it compatible for use on Raspberry Pi devices. Particularly, the recent release of Raspberry Pi 5 further enhances the possibilities for utilization.
Key Features and Notable EVM Enhancements:
  • Significant EVM Improvements:
  • This release brings substantial enhancements to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), addressing critical compatibility issues with Ethereum and improving overall performance.
  • Enhanced Smart Contract Infrastructure:
  • The infrastructure supporting smart contracts has been revamped, providing a more robust foundation for decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contract development.
  • Improved ABI Support:
  • We have enhanced support for the Application Binary Interface (ABI), simplifying the interaction between smart contracts and external applications.
  • New EVM OpCodes: Added new opcodes to the EVM, expanding its capabilities and enabling developers to create more sophisticated smart contracts.
  • Transaction Body Access: Smart contracts now have access to the transaction body, opening up new possibilities for decentralized applications.
  • Read and Write Access to lstore: EVM now supports both read and write access to lstore, further empowering developers to build versatile applications.
These EVM improvements lay the groundwork for a more powerful and developer-friendly blockchain ecosystem.
Additional Updates in Power Node v0.15.3:
  • Initial Support for Management Chain:
  • We have introduced the initial support for the management chain, which is currently undergoing testing and further refinement.
  • Server-side TPIC Implementation:
  • Our server-side implementation of TPIC over HTTP allows for easy node migration between seed and consensus roles, with the client component scheduled for the next release.
  • Lstore Data Relocation: Lstore data has been relocated from /api/address/<ADDRESS> to /api/address/<ADDRESS>/lstore[/<PATH>].
  • Node Backup and Restore: Added node backup functionality with /api/node/backup and support for restoration from a backup by placing backup.zip in db/restore.
  • Auto-discovery of Peers: Seed nodes now feature auto-discovery for peers, while consensus nodes enjoy TPIC peer auto-discovery.
  • Sponsored Transactions: We’ve implemented support for sponsored transactions, expanding transaction flexibility.
In addition to these remarkable EVM improvements, Power Node v0.15.3 offers an array of features aimed at enhancing your blockchain experience. Upgrade now on DeInfra Testnet to leverage these enhancements and provide us with valuable feedback.

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