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DeInfra Testnet Phase I launch

The project team is happy to announce: on October 17th we launch Phase I of the DeInfra Testnet — DeInfra Basis.
What is a the DeInfra Testnet, what are the tasks, what will be the Phases and much more — read in our previous article.

Brief summary of Phase I

Name: DeInfra Basis
Members: DeInfra Builders
Level of competence: Middle
Challenges: to launch different types of chains with different tech requirements to nodes and different block finalization time
Number of chains: 8
Number of members: 100
Reward pool: 56,000 SK tokens per month
Duration: to be announced

Rules for Selecting Participants in Phase I:

1. The participant must be verified in the bot. To do this, you need to join official chat on Telegram, as well as subscribe to us on Twitter and GitHub
2. A participant must successfully complete a test task (to raise a cheat locally)
3. The participant must use a virtual server with a dedicated IP address, and be responsible to keep working and online all the time (minimum for 3 months from the start of their specific Chain)
4. The participant must not change the IP address of the server during entire Testnet Campaign
5. The participant has to maintain a minimum of 50% of node uptime on a monthly basis to be awarded with points.
6. Participant has to follow our Telegram chat, Twitter and GitHub for the entire period of DeInfra Testnet

For Phase I, we want to attract participants with some experience in launching nodes. One of the requirements for participants is to have an up-to-date GitHub. If you do not have previous experience in launching nodes in other Testnet campaigns, we recommend you to wait for the next Phase (Deinfra Seed), which is much easier in terms of pre-selection

Main channels of communication

All the latest news of the project is always available in the official channel in Telegram.
All technical and organizational questions can always be asked in the official chat with hashtag #needsupport
In addition, a special bot in Telegram was developed for Testnet participants, in partnership with the strategic partner, cross-chain data and liquidity protocol EYWA.
The bot will allow the participant at any time to pass the verification, to join the active phase of the testnet, to have a clear step-by-step user flow, in time to get links to all the necessary guidelines.

Brief tech note:
Power DCloud is based on the multi-layer blockchain platform with sharding. That means all nodes in the network are divided into shards. The more common name of the shard is a chain, therefore we will use this definition hereafter. In fact, in our platform chain is a blockchain with a small number of nodes operating based on the Resonance consensus algorithm. Resonance is a BFT uncensored consensus algorithm developed by our core team taking into account the features of blockchain platform with sharding.

DeInfra Basis Stages:

Stage 1: Selecting Participants (Deinfra Builders)
As part of the selection of participants assumed a test assignment, where you have to run a test chain.
Anyone can go to the testnet bot (the link we’ll send later in the official chat), pass the test, read the documentation beforehand, and get on the Whitelist of candidates for Phase I.
Participants who pass the test assignment and are selected to participate in the chains will be split into groups of 10–20 people, and each group will run and maintain its own chain.

Stage 2: Launching Сhains from 1 to 8 step-by-step
The randomizer chooses candidates from the Whitelist for each Chain one by one.
The specialty of the process of running a Сhain assumes the coordinated work of all future acting members of the chain. For instance, 10 people if 10 nodes participate in this particular chain, or 20 if by design 20 nodes are participating. We understand that different geography of participants, time zones, as well as life circumstances will not allow 100% of participants in one interval to perform a certain set of actions for launching a nodes, exchange addresses, etc. Therefore, we distribute candidates to each chain according to the formula: 1.5 x N (N is the number of participants in the chain). For example, if the Chain consists of 10 nodes, we invite 15 people, and here the competition moment already works. The first 10 candidates, who more quickly pass the necessary steps, become active members of the Chain. If the candidate is not in time, he or she remains in the Whitelist of candidates and again can be selected by randomizer.

Stage 3: Maintenance of the Chains.
The duration of PHASE I will be specified. For each month of the Phase, a pool of points equal to 56,000 tokens is allocated.
Active participants of the Testnet campaign are awarded monthly with points if they fulfill the conditions and comply with the rules described above.
As stated above, it is important for the participant to maintain a minimum of 50% of node uptime at least to be awarded with points.

List of Chains and Requirements for participants
Follow our official Telegram channel so you don’t miss the start of the Testnet Campaign: https://t.me/thepowerio

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