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Power Node v0.15.4 Release: Unleashing the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Power

Unleashing the Power: EVM Excellence in v0.15.4

We are thrilled to introduce Power Node v0.15.4, featuring a range of improvements and new features that further elevate our blockchain capabilities.
This release focuses on enhancing the Power Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and introduces several exciting functionalities.

Key Highlights of Power Node v0.15.4

Run EVM Code on Chain without Deploying

Now you can execute EVM code directly on the chain without the need for deployment. This feature streamlines the development process and improves efficiency. This also adds the ability to make atomic on-chain calls to multiple contracts.

Internal EVM Runner

Introducing the ability to make execute/call requests data through the following command:
curl …/api/execute/call -d '{"call":"fun1(uint256) returns (uint256,uint256)","args":[2],"to":"0xADDR"}
Ability to make call request with ABI encoded data, passing as function “0x0” following way:
curl …/api/execute/call -d '{"call":"0x0", "args":["0xABI_ENCODED_DATA_WITH_SELECTOR"], "to":"0xADDR"}'

Improved ABI Codec

Our ABI codec has been enhanced to provide a more efficient and robust interface for interacting with smart contracts, ensuring smoother interactions.


The addition of a watchdog feature enhances network stability and reliability by closely monitoring the system for any anomalies or issues.

Enhanced Node Synchronisation Check

We’ve improved the mechanism for checking whether the node is in sync with the network. This ensures that your node stays up to date with the latest blockchain data.

Cleanup of Unchanged State Elements

To optimise resource usage, Power Node v0.15.4 includes a feature that cleans up state elements that haven’t changed, ensuring a more efficient blockchain.
Upgrade to Power Node v0.15.4 to take advantage of these enhancements and new features. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology and look forward to your valuable feedback as we continue to innovate and empower the blockchain community.

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