Ecosystem for trusted interaction between individuals and legal entities

Based on the scalable blockchain platform perfectly cut for building your own trusted services with pre-coded programmable modules for low-/ no-code platforms and integrating them into existing business architectures and the formation of an immutable registry.
4th generation
of DLT systems
We revolutionized the world of distributed registry platforms by creating the world's first three-tier blockchain with unlimited scalability without loss of data processing speed
What we do:
We create programmable smart-contract based interfaces and integrate them into widely used CMS, CRM, ERP, TMS systems.

Our primary focus is areas of conduct related to trade, finance, education and new media.
We monetize our services via:
  1. Platform-as-a-Service offering:
    - cost varies depending on the number of users, end-to-end transactions, and client value added
    - Pay-as-You-Go and scheduled subscription fees
    - license payments for enterprise clients
  2. Development of personalized client-specific solutions
What we've already made:
1) Hybrid 4-Gen blockchain platform The Power
  • Enables for creation of public and private networks and linking them one to another in a variety of ways
    (As if you had both Hyperledger and Ethereum 2.0 on steroids in a single package)
  • Creates a framework for P2P, B2B, B2C, B2G and B2B2C trusted interactions[1]
  • Is patent protected[2]
  • Does not require expensive and powerful servers and 7 to 100 times more efficient than competitors
  • Does not require specialized expensive equipment for mining

2) Marketplace and framework for creating decentralized applications and managing smart contracts

3) Products built on The Power platform that made it to the Ecosystem

  • https://brom.thepower.io – new type of media, that operates with help of its users — with transparent public votes, ratings and polls (main website is brom.top, and will be updated soon). A true example of what serverless decentralized app should be.
  • https://dilex.global – auction-based logistics exchange for carriers. Currently the project team finishes eCMR smart-contract template for transportation services across Russia. Further it will be adjusted to fit International clients across Europe. Pilot transfers were already made, the project is set to scale up to worldwide markets;
  • https://neon.university – remote education platform, an example of a project based on Helium.Global, communication platform with built-in Zoom powered with blockchain. It records academic progress of a student on The Power and stores it forever, fully immutable. The records are designed in a way so students can build their trusted digital portfolio and share it on the web with prospective employers and college officials.
  • https://expocenter.online – interactive online expo platform (a Helium.Global project). A relevant way of providing the level of interaction in a remote world.
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