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Empower your web2 and web3 projects with our all-in-one platform, with seamless integration, customizable AppChains, decentralized storage and computing
Customize your AppChain to serve specific business purposes, optimizing your web3 applications for enhanced performance
Benefit from our full-sharding protocol, where each shard represents a blockchain, delivering parallel chains for unlimited scaling
Experience Unlimited Scaling with Full-Sharding Protocol
Keep your data readily available, globally distributed, and impervious to censorship through our advanced decentralized storage technology
Experience unparalleled speed, reliability, and security for your DApps and web3 sites with our cutting-edge decentralized storage solution, designed to frontend hosing and a high-performance CDN
Lightning-Fast Frontend Delivery with Decentralized Storage
Leverage Docker containers for backend and middleware, enabling a streamlined and efficient development process
Effortlessly develop and deploy smart contracts using EVM, ensuring compatibility with your favorite tools
Seamless EVM & Docker Integration for Effortless Development
Accelerate your web3 development with a full-stack decentralized infrastructure, enabling seamless migration from web2 to web3
Deliver unparalleled value to your end-users through a truly decentralized experience, powered by cutting-edge technology
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