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Incidents happen all the time in healthcare, construction, manufacturing, logistic, and R&D processes. Commonly, employees have to fill out a report about any crashes manually and send the paper correspondence, which creates certain time lags and delays in production and provision of services and making HR and business process management ineffective.

Power_ecosystem makes incident reporting instant and secure with smart contracts, making your business operations flow constant and adaptable to any incidents happening.

Service can be easily installed on your employees working smartphones, android devices or plugged-in to ERP platforms.
Restore normal service operation in no time
Instant sendouts of incident reports help you to manage and eliminate incidents faster
Personalize your incident report forms
The interface of Power_check, our instant incident management tool, is easily adjusted to provide management with all spectre of incident information needed to ensure its adequacy for decision making and quick resolution
Track the process of incident resolving
Entire information regarding employee actions including time and date is being collected in a form of checklist an and sent out instantly to Power_check interface, plugged-in to your ERP system
Eliminate data breaches
The information regarding incidents and their resolving is immutable as long as it is stored in the Power_blockchain and vastly secure with the most sufficient cryptography — it cannot be falsified, deleted or shared with third parties not involved in the process of incident reporting and resolving
Case study
Instant incident reporting and locomotives' condition control
A railway company
Prior to piloting our solution, paper-based logs regarding locomotives condition and their technical servicing & repairs were used to ensure depot and management awareness of any incidents and technical servicing needs. It was one of the causes for extraordinary repairs resulting in the downtime of 1300 locomotives the company owned or leased leading to more than 1 billion dollars of economic damage.
What we did
Power_check robotized the process of exchanging the locomotive board and repair logs with the depot, representing an end-to-end real time solution of incident and locomotive condition management. It helped depots' MROs to receive condition logs in real time, plan the maintenance works per each locomotive better and record the execution of operations during the repair & maintenance of rolling stock in the log operation-by-operation.
The result
The solution already helped the company to decrease the number of unscheduled maintenance and repair works. Its currently being scaled so we will post the new information as soon as it comes out!
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