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Smart Contract Relations
Automate routine trade processes
from data input to contract execution
Modern storage facilities and service companies still use their employees to manually perform routine tasks regarding contracts and documents, such as manual data input, invoicing, edits comparison and so on. As a result, employees' work is less effective and the contract cycle enlarges.

Power_ecosystem makes each contract an executable program, a smart contract. Protecting your contract files from data forgery and breaches, smart contracts will ensure the security of document data and protection against inconsistent changes.

Service can be used in a regular web browser or easily plugged-in to CRM and accounting tools.
Double-speed operational functions
Smart contracts help to eliminate the human mistake, which leads to up to 2x faster work with the contracts
Reduce wages
Smart contracts help to set up a schedule for contract payments, split up the sum to ensure pay for each stage of contract execution and fullfilment of mutual contractual obligations
Free up employee time to ensure
they do what really matters
With our smart contracts he only functions performed by the sales and support staff are actually sales and support functions now with no manual contract work
Schedule the settlement
with personalized options
Pay less wages to your sales and support team and increase their KPIs to maximize your revenue, as long as smart contracts help with the routine work
Case study
Robotization of consignment process between distributor and their clients
A foreign subsidiary of major russian steel manurfacturer
Prior to piloting our solution, paper-based consignment agreements were used and company had 2 employees manually inspecting each consignment agreement and spending at least 12 hours per month for invoice corrections and volume recalculations, which they had to double-check later.
What we did
The robotized consignment agreement stipulates the conditions for storing material at the client's warehouse. The customer indicates the selected volume by the end of the month, and the invoice is issued automatically for the given volume.

As per the agreement terms, if the client has not sold the material within several months, then it is automatically included in the next invoice and becomes their property and the payment for the stored material is made.
The result
69% of human resources' time involved in the consignment process per year is released as a result of the consignment process robotization
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