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How it's work?
We start Cron-like smart contract
Cycle counter increases the number of cycles n+1
Cron-SC sends the variable of the cycle counter ( number "1" in the first cycle) and the hash of the transaction to the AI via webhook
AI receives the variable %NUMBER.OF.CYCLES% and the hash, creates a pattern-like new design for the picture,
AI Paints the picture representing the number of cycles ( "1" in the first cycle) in style of the AI design created in the step 4, so it looks like the picture attached above
AI Saves AI-designed picture of the number "1" to file storage node, sends out the url of the pic to the Cron-SC's state
Cron-like Smart contract writes hash with the link to the file system node where AI left the pictures and counts n+1 cycles
SC Sends the variable, representing the new number of cycles (i.e. simply the number "2") and the hash of the transaction to the AI via webhook
Cycle repeats
All pictures are created as an admiration gesture for the artworks created by https://obvious-art.com/.
We do not own any intellectual property on https://obvious-art.com/ artworks.
The abovementioned pictures represent a non-commercial sample, an illustration of the endless possibilities brought to you by Power_ Smart Contracts.