Token Smart Key

Your key to the future!

Smart Key – the core native token with unique sets of properties within Power_blockchain. Written in blockchain as SK token.

Token can represent a right to use of The Power products and services. The main purpose of SK is grants access like a «fuel» for network interactions.

Tokenomics FAQ

Smart Key is used for payments:

Transaction commissions


Smart contracts


Dapps operations


Functions and services

Minting & Data processing

Benefits for Node Owners

Power_network encourages creation and maintenance of nodes and shards.

  • Fee mining — getting a commission for data processing in the decentralised network.
  • Nodes are rewarded by «par minting» and gradual emission.

Data processing includes 5 types of tasks:

  • Financial transaction registration
  • Non-financial transaction registration
  • Smart-contract calculations
  • Blocks data validation
  • Data storage
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