Highload consensus


High data processing speed helps to minimize transactions cost.

Innovative consensus algorithm for systems with a high load based on the variation BFT & DPoS. Specifically designed to work with shards.

Protocol allows to customize bandwidth, transaction cost and block creation time on shard level having at the same time fully/completely on-chain transactions unlike other decentralised solutions.

Scalability achieved via parallel execution where transaction flows are separated according to geographic attributes and sort of business tasks.

High Speed



The cost of financial transactions:
less than $ 0.01

more than 100,000 tps

Variable time transactions:
less than 1 second

Technical stack

Completely new code.

New scalable architecture.

New consensus algorithm with time-proven cryptographic functions.


Math,crypto and other modules:



Customizable shards form a single network with scalable blockchain on-chain transactions. Network bandwidth increases in proportion to the number of shards.

Shard network give more than 100 000tps/s by distributing the load between them.

The rapid growth and scale network capacity will in the first phase - hundreds of thousands of tps and later — More than a million tps.

Shard types

  • Public
  • Private
  • Dedicated

Task types

  • Finance
  • Calculation
  • Media storage
  • Data storage
  • Lightweight store
  • Key Value store

Smart contracts

The new standard for smart contracts for various purposes: Web Assembly

Our standard language for Smart Contract: Rust
WASM is compatible with: C, C++.
in the future: Java, Go, Solidity

Explore the architecture


Power solves the problems of the existing technology’s blockchain:

— Economic efficiency is too low.
— Cost of the transaction is too high and susceptible to speculative influences.
This hampers the practical implementation in organizations.

The main parameters of the effectiveness of the economic model of Power is the cost of providing services and modes of payment. To ensure the required flexibility of the technology is based on a two-tier economic model.


Any business partner, project or startup, can create their own ecosystem. In addition to providing a service or application with a unique economy in a trusted environment.

Base /
technology economy

Low cost functions and services. Smart Blockchain environment, which provide stability index XDR (SDR).