Questions and answers

What is The Power?

The Power is scalable blockchain environment for real-time user and companies interaction.

What is Resonance? Why is using own consensus?

Innovative consensus for decentralized systems. Unlike pBFT, the Resonance consensus is synchronous, which allows the system to remain operational even if 50% + 1 node remains conscientiously working. It is used inside the shard to block creation for the best user experience and network interactions with a minimum delay time.

What are instant transactions?

Transaction time can be less than 1 second. This allows you to implement trusted interaction connecting different software and hardware systems with the best user experience.

How does high bandwidth increase?

Network support horizontal auto sharding which allows you to withstand a fivefold load.

What is hybrid blockchain?

A common blockchain network with single address space, both for public and private shards. Make it easy to interact any type of shards with each other.

How auto scalability works?

In the case of a long high-load on shard, it is automatically divided into two. A new shard with the same properties is created. As a result, the load on the primary shard decreases, as it is distributed according to the new shard.

What is sharding?

Separation of one large information system into homogeneous minisystems (shards) for parallel execution of actions with the system. This separation allows you to accelerate the original system as many times as it will be to divide it. The Power, theoretically, allows an unlimited number of partitions.

What is a private shard?

A separate shard managed privately with the ability to access the entire Power network. Its validity is provided by block hashing in the public network.

What are Smart key tokens? How does Smart Key allocate their tokens?

The default token of The Power - Smart Blockchain Environment. New type of tokens - license token. Recorded within The Power Blockchain as the SK token.

Security of smart contracts and infrastructure

RUST programming language, ready templates and the designer of smart contracts significantly reduce the probability of errors in their development. Working with standard contracts is available through Power_API.

Privacy security

It is carried out thanks to the hybrid platform, where personal data is stored in private shard of KYC providers, according to the laws of local jurisdictions.

How earns The Power?

  • Transaction commissions (from all transactions in the system)
  • Sales of subscriptions to business applications in the Power Store
  • Creation of customized solutions for companies

Is there a mining in the network?

The project does not use PoW and PoS mining. The Power offers a new type of reward for the operation of nodes - data processing. Nodes of the network receive a fee from the commission for the conducted transactions.

Smart Key token

Has SK token utility within the blockchain environment?

SK is utilised inside the network to perform and to pay for operations.

How SK resists inflationary pressures?

SK emission is gradual and limited.

Is SK a store of value?

SK is a «fuel» for the network interactions.

Is SK a fungible?

No. This is an access to the network. No one tokens cannot replace it.

Should it be stimulated SK movement?

No. Native using is wealthy in the instant natural closed loop in the network interactions.