About Company

Our goal is to make the blockchain an technology widely used everywhere

Many of us have been working together for more than 10 years, this is not our first joint project. Over the years, we have learned to understand each other perfectly and find solutions for the most difficult tasks and challenges. Among our partners there are also companies with which we have been cooperating for many years, or of which we have been a part of.

Perhaps, precisely because of this, we managed, under tight deadlines and with minimal external financing, to create what many well-known players on the blockchain market are just promising.

The project team is the main asset of the company. We are always happy to welcome outstanding personalities and professionals.

If this is about you, please contact us!

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Project history

  • The idea of creating a new consensus in order to eliminate the main disadvantages of the PoW algorithm (Proof-of-Work);
  • Team building. PoC (Proof-of-Сoncept) of the Resonance consensus algorithm;
  • Work on the product, the development of the project architecture for platform scaling (sharding);
  • MVP (Minimum viable product) of consensus Resonance, development of sharding;
  • Running a test network with 3 shards;
  • Testing API v1, launching a partner test project (loyalty program);
  • Development of API v2, development of a Virtual Machine for smart contracts;
  • Extensive platform testing on Microsoft Azure servers.
    Testing Smart Contracts with an interface function, developing decentralized applications technology (Dapps) 2.0.
  • Application for work with DApps
    Pilot DApps 2.0:
    Allocation of authors rights


We are engineers with a complex approach to solving problems. We know and understand thoroughly how complex technical systems work, including crypto-instruments.

The project team includes highly qualified specialists with a stake in the stock of knowledge and rich experience, coped with bursts of load, DDOS, hacker attacks and fine code optimization.

Max Mikhailenko



Networking expert with 20 years experience

Built 2 internet services providers, 9 year startup experience, serial inventor & SaaS entrepreneur, MBA, cofounder and originator of “The Power”, blockchain evangelist, innovator.


Igor Belousov


20 years in IT, 10 years startup experience

Cofounder telecommunications provider

Cofounder, Technology & Blockchain software Architect The Power


Dmitry Burov

Managing Partner

Expert in project management

Experience in IT over 10 years

Сreated geographically distributed teams for making different web services


Vitaly Pirozhkov

Co-founder/CVO, Business Architect

10+ years in tech, IT projects and startups.

Blockchain evangelist. Entrepreneur.

Top manager. Experience in large business and hi-tech. Expertise in law, finance and investments.


Vladimir Goncharov

Skilled backend developer

Highly skilled developer. 20+ years of programming experience. Majoring in high load server side apps for the last decade. Erlang developer since 2012.


Andrey Zhuravlev

Senior Blockchain Developer

Experience and skills: high load systems, code optimization, active role in crypto-exchange development (admin panel, analytics and so forth). Develops on Erlang, Ruby, PHP


Alex Leo

Senior software engineer

20 years in IT in general. 10 years of experience in testing and verification of safety-critical software as per DO-178C. Several years of experience in different areas of computer sciences: database design, low-level applications, highload client-server applications, web development, decision-making systems.


Vladimir Eliseev


Highly qualified IT developer. 20+ years of experience in IT and in building Internet networks. Proficiency in support, automation and optimization of servers, active network equipment, writing scripts.


Max Urazaev

Marketing & Community Lead

10+ experience in marketing and community development, 5 years startup experience, ex-COO of Rega Risk Sharing within tokensale.

More than 3 years in Professional Affairs in Colgate-Palmolive (Nasdaq: CL).


Maru Kachko

East Asian Community Manager

South Korea

Over 4 years international communication, presentation and journalistic experience.

East Asia focused International business and finance specialist. Korean and Chinese translator.


Oleg Yudin

Community manager

Over 7 years in the marketing of the energy corporation. Participated in dozens of international exhibitions and conferences.


Laura Toma

Marketing expert


Co-founder Renowned&Co and Head of Operations. Early blockchain adopter and investor. In crypto community from 2016.


Alex Prayd

Director of Operations for the Asia Market


Expert in sales, business communications and finding the resources needed for projects.

Over 10 years of experience in the field of cinema and the music industry.


Vitaly Kozlou

Energy engineering, management and financial consulting


Alexander Vizgalov

Integration partner

10+ years involved communications and sales. Linkedin Networker (12.000+ followers worldwide).

7+ years in project management. Startup architector. Evangelist of CusDev and LeanStartup methodologies.


Evgeny Ivanov


9+ years in design. Art Director and Lead designer in Creative Agency.

5 years in interactive design. UI/UX, Layouts.

Advisors & Consultants

Marc Durand



He was Blockchain Leader at IBM Cloud in France up to mid-2018. He’s now the CEO of «Blockchain and Transformation» and the COO of Kapalt, consulting and services firms dedicated to this technology.


Christian Pope

Marketing advisor


24 years of marketing experience, & nearly a decade specific to the financial & crytocurrency industries. Served as CMO, VP of Marketing & Consultant with a key emphasis on B2B Fortune 1,000 & B2C technology startups.


Demetrious Zamboglou



Dr Demetrios Zamboglou is the Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) of Lykke Corp, a financial technology (FinTech) group of companies.

Demetrios is a multi-award winning executive and a distinguished academic financial researcher in the topics of Behavioural Finance and Blockchain Technology.


Luke Lombe



The Founder of Echelon One, Associate Partner of The Liquid Fund VC, Head of Blockchain for PlayChip, and ICO advisor for Cryptyk.


Jake H. Kim


South Korea

Dedicated 18 years to IT sphere and successfully pursued different career paths such as diplomat, researcher and game creator. Developed high performance servers and other high-tech projects. In the recent years, his extreme interest in AI fueled his research of how AI could extract human emotions from text messages. Currently, is working on the way to combine AI and blockchain technologies.


Dimitry Machikhin


Europe, Asia

CEO Midex.com, Advisor to GMT Legal. Has advised over 30 block projects. Author of numerous articles in the media. Expert cointelegraph.com and icobench.com. Business consultant, since 2013 professionally advises start-ups around the world.

He worked in leading companies in Moscow, Paris and Luxembourg. He studied at the University of Princeton, the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law, the Moscow Business School.


Vlad Kirichenko

Consultant for IR

Co-founder and CEO of Jincor, managing partner of the venture capital fund Puzzle Capital. A serial entrepreneur and an investor with three years of experience in detachment and key competencies in strategic planning, international communications, IR & GR.


Nikolay Saperov

Independent economics expert

Previously, a trader in Moscow investment banks and private funds, investment company partner. Cryptonomics consultant for several projects.

Highload skills


  • Databases:

    PostgreSQL, MongoDB, RocksDB, Redis

  • Programing language:

    C/C++, Erlang, C#, Python, JavaScript



  • JavaScript:

    ReactJS, Angular, jQuery, WebAssembly

  • Design and layouts



  • Regression analysis
  • Code inspection
  • Collection and analysis of structural coverage


  • Linux
  • Databases