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17 декабря 2019

Our solutions promote organic change in business processes and are a perfect fit for existing business needs. learn how

12 января 2020

Our solutions promote organic change in business processes and are a perfect fit for existing business needs. learn how

24 января 2020

Our solutions promote organic change in business processes and are a perfect fit for existing business needs. learn how

5 февраля 2020

Our solutions promote organic change in business processes and are a perfect fit for existing business needs. learn how


revolutionary products. disruptive technology. trusted network.


make the business payments, pay less for them


corroborate your skillset

Digital Contracts

make the contractual relations transparent


fund your idea

Digital Assets

exchange digital assets and rights


the ecosystem of products

The Power_ of scalable business products.

Our solutions promote organic change in business processes and are a perfect fit for existing business needs.

Boosting the Power_ of innovation in existing developed and developing markets.

Our products are designed to create a genuine paradigm shift in the way investors, businesses, employees and clients interact.

Create your own solutions. For free.

Unleash the power_ of your own products and services by shifting them to the most sophisticated DLT in the world. Don’t worry! Our experts are always here to help.

Focus markets

Utilyze decentralized solutions to become a leader in your industry

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Together with our partners, we are developing integrated software-hardware solutions in the field of Industrial Internet of things and Industry 4.0.
The platform architecture allows you to quickly deploy the blockchain infrastructure for each specific production, and Wasm smart contracts can be easily integrated with most devices that support JavaScript.

IoT Management
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Register and manage your digital rights via smart contract. Distribute royalties between an unlimited number of right holders automatically.

Rights registry Guideline
Royalties allocations Guideline

Decentralized exchange of logistics services - we make the supply chain market transparent and convenient for all maker. In our dApp Store you can place test delivery order via smart contract.

Delivery order

Smart contracts for banking operations, private and public blockchain, transaction processing <1 second, adjustable privacy levels, high level of protection, network bandwidth >100,000 transactions per second.
Create your best services and solutions with us!

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Why The Power

Hybrid platform
Public and private blockchain in a single network

Scalable and secure platform
Simply scaled and has highest level of network security

Instant blockchain
More than 100,000 transactions per second. Transaction is verified in less than 1 second

Virtual Machine and smart contracts
Native Wasm VM and smart contracts

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Based on the platform we build Marketplace for decentralized applications and digital assets (tokens). Everyone could use apps, purchase and sell digitized assets — tokens. Thus everyone could make ideal investment portfolio!
First create a Wallet to use all Marketplace features

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Blockchain infrastructure that solve problems of real economy - this is one of our main goals. Today we develop decentralized tools and solutions, launch pilot projects in such areas like logistics, banking, industry 4.0. Lets build best products and solutions for better life together!

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Let’s collaborate!

You are looking for blockchain and smart contracts for implementation in your industry or creating innovative product? We have ready-to-use infrastructure, solutions and expertise.

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Technology and solutions

Smart contracts

Thanks to the native Wasm Virtual machine, our smart contracts (SC) can be written in different languages: C, C ++, Rust, and run on most modern smartphones.

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DApps 2.0

Our decentralized applications (DApps) have a new architecture. Thanks to it, our DApps are much more secure and more productive than its competitors.
We will be happy to demonstrate you the capabilities of DApps 2.0.

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The wallet does not only carry out transactions, but also it manages the keys (private and public). In fact, it is your system ID.



Thanks to the Faucet you can get test tokens and use all the services of the platform for free.



Displays transactions, blocks, wallet addresses and smart contracts.You can check your transaction at any time as well as to know in which block it is included.



Thanks to the API, developers already now can create services and products based on our blockchain, or integrate it into existing solutions.
You can find detailed API instructions in the GitHub repository.



In the testnet, you can take a full use of the blockchain and try out to integrate it with your project (totally for free). 3 shards are available for users.

The arising questions you can discuss here in our community.

Dashboard to the services and functions of the network. Already for now you can use your web-wallet to control its balance, to send and receive tokens, to keep there private keys and generate new wallets. All actions in the test network and wallet are free.

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The Testnet is a three shard blockchain, where using the API, you can integrate the blockchain into your projects; Web-Wallet; Explorer for blocks & transactions viewing, and for management of smart contracts.*
To use smart contracts, please, contact support@thepower.io.


Can be used to track transactions created with wallet or API. Moreover, it for sure will be helpful for debugging in the integration process.


With the API, you can integrate the blockchain into your project. Universal API allows you to work with any ecosystem service in a single address space, with all blockchain functionality available.



More than a wallet


Digital assets capable of interacting with Smart Blockchain Environment

Power Store

The blockchain marketplace for Dapps, modules and templates of smart contracts and private blockchains

Decentralized applications

DApps based on cross-platform interactions with a standard interface for users


Voting in different projects, platforms and communities using Power_Blockchain

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Working network for partners and developers

For partners and developers, a free test environment with ready tools works: wallet, faucet, block explorer, API with documentation.