Three-Dimensional Scalable Blockchain Platform

instant transactions

100k+ on-chain TPS

real-time auto sharding

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In the testnet, you can take a full use of the blockchain and try out to integrate it with your project (totally for free). 3 shards are available for users.

The arising questions you can discuss here in our community.

Dashboard to the services and functions of the network. Already for now you can use your web-wallet to control its balance, to send and receive tokens, to keep there private keys and generate new wallets. All actions in the test network and wallet are free.

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The Testnet is a three shard blockchain, where using the API, you can integrate the blockchain into your projects; Web-Wallet; Explorer for blocks & transactions viewing, and for management of smart contracts.*
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Can be used to track transactions created with wallet or API. Moreover, it for sure will be helpful for debugging in the integration process.


With the API, you can integrate the blockchain into your project. Universal API allows you to work with any ecosystem service in a single address space, with all blockchain functionality available.


Flexible Frameworks

We develop ready-to-use frameworks to speed up global markets transformation with blockchain technology.

We approach the new era for global markets tokenizing. It’s time to unveil such markets like Equities ($67T), Debs ($99T), Derivatives ($1.2P), Real Estate ($217T). Based on Power_blockchain features we build a simple and ready-to-use framework for Security Token Offering market players.

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As experts say one of the key markets to disrupt with blockchain is FinTech. The secure and efficient way of data transmission, middlemen and bureaucracy elimination, these and other advantages make blockchain technology a Holy Grail for “FinTech” and Banking market.

Power_blockchain ideally meets fintech demands with blockchain hybridity, programmable level of privacy, high bandwidth and instant transaction validation.

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Blockchain helps to track supply chain in real time and automate transport infrastructure. Thanks to smart contracts all contracting parties could be connected in a single chain. We have run the joint pilot project for our partner — Atlas Delivery, who making «uberisation» for the freight market.

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When M2M communication is paired with blockchain technology, no human involvement is required to ensure that production remains as efficient as possible. We develop our smart contracts with IoT and M2M deployment in mind. Together with our partner CPS Business Solutions, we have drawn up frameworks for different industries, using wearable and sensors as oracles and blockchain as a decentralized databus.

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More than a wallet


Digital assets capable of interacting with Smart Blockchain Environment

Power Store

The blockchain marketplace for Dapps, modules and templates of smart contracts and private blockchains

Decentralized applications

DApps based on cross-platform interactions with a standard interface for users


Voting in different projects, platforms and communities using Power_Blockchain

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Smart Blockchain Environment

ICO and pilot projects can buy SK tokens at negotiable volume and get access to the best blockchain with a working network and tools for the fast integration.

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