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Instant 100.000+ on-chain transactions

real-time auto scalability with sharding

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Project description

The Power creates the best blockchain network - top speed hybrid and scalable blockchain all in one.

Speed and horizontal scalability are achieved through the sharding. Public and private blockchains form a single network and unified address space.


  • Idea
  • Basic research

Q2 2017

Resonance investigation

Q3 2017

PoC sharding technology

Q4 2017

  • MVP Resonance
  • Power_Wallet
  • Testnet

Q1 2018

  • Sharding testnet
  • Power_Explorer
  • Power_API

Q2 2018

  • Worknet (for partners)
  • Private Subchains
  • Smart contracts, WASM

Q3 2018

  • Mainnet
  • Bug bounty
  • Power_API (beta)

Q4 2018

  • Power_Hub
  • Smart contracts Visual Builder
  • Smart contract templates
  • Subchain templates

Q1 2019

  • Power_API (full beta)
  • Power_Store

Q2 2019

Blockchain Domination


Highload consensus


High data processing speed helps to minimize transactions cost.

Innovative consensus algorithm for systems with a high load based on the variation BFT & DPoS. Specifically designed to work with subchains.

Protocol allows to customize bandwidth, transaction cost and block creation time on subchain level having at the same time fully/completely on-chain transactions unlike other decentralised solutions.

Scalability achieved via parallel execution where transaction flows are separated according to geographic attributes and sort of business tasks.

High Speed



The cost of financial transactions:
less than $ 0.01

more than 100,000 tps

Variable time transactions:
less than 1 second

Technical stack

Completely new code.

New scalable architecture.

New consensus algorithm with time-proven cryptographic functions.


Math,crypto and other modules:



Customizable subchains form a single network with scalable blockchain on-chain transactions. Network bandwidth increases in proportion to the number of subchains.

Subchain network give more than 100 000tps/s by distributing the load between them.

The rapid growth and scale network capacity will in the first phase - hundreds of thousands of tps and later — More than a million tps.

Subchain types

  • Public
  • Private
  • Dedicated

Task types

  • Finance
  • Calculation
  • Media storage
  • Data storage
  • Lightweight store
  • Key Value store

Smart contracts

The new standard for smart contracts for various purposes: Web Assembly

Our standard language for Smart Contract: Rust
WASM is compatible with: C, C++.
in the future: Java, Go, Solidity

Explore the architecture


More than a wallet


Digital assets capable of interacting with Smart Blockchain Environment

Power Store

The blockchain marketplace for Dapps, modules and templates of smart contracts and private blockchains

Decentralized applications

DApps based on cross-platform interactions with a standard interface for users


Voting in different projects, platforms and communities using Power_Blockchain

Create a wallet


Power solves the problems of the existing technology’s blockchain:

— Economic efficiency is too low.
— Cost of the transaction is too high and susceptible to speculative influences.
This hampers the practical implementation in organizations.

The main parameters of the effectiveness of the economic model of Power is the cost of providing services and modes of payment. To ensure the required flexibility of the technology is based on a two-tier economic model.

Base /
technology economy

Low cost functions and services. Smart Blockchain environment, which provide stability index XDR (SDR).


Any business partner, project or startup, can create their own ecosystem. In addition to providing a service or application with a unique economy in a trusted environment.

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Smart Blockchain Environment

ICO and pilot projects can buy SK tokens at negotiable volume and get access to the best blockchain with a working network and tools for the fast integration.

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Token Smart Key

Your key to the future!

Smart Key – the core native token with unique sets of properties within Power_blockchain. Written in blockchain as SK token.

Token can represent a right to use of The Power products and services. The main purpose of SK is grants access like a «fuel» for network interactions.

Tokenomics FAQ

Smart Key is used for payments:

Transaction commissions


Smart contracts


Dapps operations


Functions and services

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Minting & Data processing

Benefits for Node Owners

Power_network encourages creation and maintenance of nodes and shards.

  • Fee mining — getting a commission for data processing in the decentralised network.
  • Nodes are rewarded by «par minting» and gradual emission.

Data processing includes 5 types of tasks:

  • Financial transaction registration
  • Non-financial transaction registration
  • Smart-contract calculations
  • Blocks data validation
  • Data storage
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10+ top blockchain developers with the best full stack skills and experience.
20+ members of The Power team with the perfect technology, business and startup background. We are growing and hiring. Developers and blockchain enthusiasts are wanted!

We are engineers with a complex approach to solving problems. We know and understand thoroughly how complex technical systems work, including crypto-instruments.

The project team includes highly qualified specialists with a stake in the stock of knowledge and rich experience, coped with bursts of load, DDOS, hacker attacks and fine code optimization.

Max Mikhailenko



Networking expert with 20 years experience

Built 2 internet services providers, 9 year startup experience, serial inventor & SaaS entrepreneur, MBA, cofounder and originator of “The Power”, blockchain evangelist, innovator.


Igor Belousov



20 years in IT, 10 years startup experience

Cofounder telecommunications provider

Cofounder, Technology & Blockchain software Architect The Power


Dmitry Burov

Managing Partner


Expert in project managemet

Experience in IT over 10 years

Сreated geographically distributed teams for making different web services


Vitaly Pirozhkov

Co-founder/CVO, Business Architect


10+ years in tech, IT projects and startups.

Blockchain evangelist. Entrepreneur.

Top manager. Experience in large business and hi-tech. Expertise in law, finance and investments.


Max Urazaev

Marketing & Community Lead


10+ experience in marketing and community development, 5 years startup experience, ex-COO of Rega Risk Sharing within tokensale.

More than 3 years in Professional Affairs in Colgate-Palmolive (Nasdaq: CL).


Maru Kachko

East Asian Community Manager

South Korea

Over 4 years international communication, presentation and journalistic experience.

East Asia focused International business and finance specialist. Korean and Chinese translator.


Oleg Yudin

Community manager


Over 7 years in the marketing of the energy corporation. Participated in dozens of international exhibitions and conferences.


Laura Toma

Marketing consultant


Co-founder Renowned&Co and Head of Operations. Early blockchain adopter and investor. In crypto community from 2016.


Alex Prayd

Director of Operations for the Asia Market


Expert in sales, business communications and finding the resources needed for projects.

Over 10 years of experience in the field of cinema and the music industry.


Asya Dovgaya

Chief Marketing Officer


10 year marketing experience. Developing marketing strategy, coordinating marketing campaigns with sales activities, coaching and creating teams responsible for marketing and sales.

Expert in B2C/B2B projects marketing, analytics, PR and media advertising. More than 10 years of advertising department management.


Alexander Vizgalov

Head of communications


10+ years involved communications and sales. Linkedin Networker (12.000+ followers worldwide).

7+ years in project management. Startup architector. Evangelist of CusDev and LeanStartup methodologies.


Eldar Valeev

IR & Financing Expert


10+ years investor and entrepreneur. Networker.

Since 2014 provide blockchain/crypto projects to the world market and help businesses to find partners, investors, and customers.


Vladimir Goncharov

Highly skilled fullstack developer


Highly skilled developer. 20+ years of programming experience. Majoring in high load server side apps for the last decade. Erlang developer since 2012.


Andrey Zhuravlev

Senior Blockchain Developer


Cryptocurrency stock exchange development from the scratch, early cryptocurrency adopter, profound expertise in high loaded applications.


Alex Leo

Senior software engineer


20 years in IT in general. 10 years of experience in testing and verification of safety-critical software as per DO-178C. Several years of experience in different areas of computer sciences: database design, low-level applications, highload client-server applications, web development, decision-making systems.


Vladimir Eliseev



Highly qualified IT developer. 20+ years of experience in IT and in building Internet networks. Proficiency in support, automation and optimization of servers, active network equipment, writing scripts.


Demetrious Zamboglou



Dr Demetrios Zamboglou is the Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) of Lykke Corp, a financial technology (FinTech) group of companies.

Demetrios is a multi-award winning executive and a distinguished academic financial researcher in the topics of Behavioural Finance and Blockchain Technology.


Dimitry Machikhin


Europe, Asia

CEO, Advisor to GMT Legal. Has advised over 30 block projects. Author of numerous articles in the media. Expert and Business consultant, since 2013 professionally advises start-ups around the world.

He worked in leading companies in Moscow, Paris and Luxembourg. He studied at the University of Princeton, the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law, the Moscow Business School.


Nikolay Saperov

Independent economics expert


Previously, a trader in Moscow investment banks and private funds, investment company partner. Cryptonomics consultant for several projects.


Vlad Kirichenko

Consultant for IR


Co-founder and CEO of Jincor, managing partner of the venture capital fund Puzzle Capital. A serial entrepreneur and an investor with three years of experience in detachment and key competencies in strategic planning, international communications, IR & GR.

Highload skills


  • Databases:

    PostgreSQL, MongoDB, RocksDB, Redis

  • Programing language:

    C/C++, Erlang, C#, Python, JavaScript



  • JavaScript:

    ReactJS, Angular, jQuery, WebAssembly

  • Design and layouts



  • Regression analysis
  • Code inspection
  • Collection and analysis of structural coverage


  • Linux
  • Databases


Legal partners