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Power Ecosystem: Blog

The Power: lesson learnt. Thanks to CryptoKitties

4th of December CryptoKitties mentioned at their blog that their Ethereum network usage reached more than 25% at the peak. News rushed through almost all mass media even beyond crypto-community as like it was a shocking phenomena or whatever force-majeure thing.
Several ICO projects were delayed due to CryptoKitties breeding excitement (i.e. network overload). However this case is not an unusual failure as it may be seen according to mass media - network overload is an often issue. Last time traffic jam creators were Big ICO projects like Bancor and Status. This time it’s CryptoKitties.

By the way this is something the Power was created for. Network architecture was built in a way that allows to keep bandwidth sufficiency in any case. This means the network can sustain unexpected doubled transaction flow and adjust for another sudden increase.
This is how network avoids overload outage at all: system automatically balances overloads by subchain creation. In the next article we’re going to describe how logically and technically subchain works.

The Power — scalable blockchain ecosystem. Learn more on official website The Power.

Transactions overloads is not a imaginary threat, that is why network resilience defines future expansion of any blockchain infrastructure.